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“Hey Vien! Got the medals today - thanks!!! LOOKS AWESOME!!!!”

John K.

“ “They were a huge hit! Everyone loved them. Thank you for the great work you all did.”

Victor M.

“I did receive the medals and they are amazing!! Thank you so much for working with me on getting those done. I look forward to our next venture.  ”

Tim S.

“Thanks! This is so awesome. We wanted this year to be special because it was our 5th and these new medals will do the trick!!”

Sue S.

“We received our medals today and I appreciate the quick turnaround! They look fantastic! Thank you again. I enjoyed working with you!”

Danny H.

“We received our medals this morning and they are awesome! Thanks so much!”

Joe S.


Annie G.

“The medals were an enormous hit. They looked so cute. So many people appreciated them. There can be no going back. We ended up with 1800 registrants. Right between the 1750 I originally ordered and the 1850 we finally settled on. I would have been too nervous with the 1750. Even though we might have barely made it. Thanks for all that you did. I am so appreciative.”

Mark S.

“Look how nice this turned out!!!”


“The medal looks great!! Everything went well with our 10th annual Heritage Haul event, everyone loved the medals.”

Tanesha N.

“They arrived!!! They look awesome. Thank you so much for your time and partnership with us on this!”

Claire H.

“The medals look very nice. Wish I could have purchased a bigger medal, but I just couldn't spend more.”

Chuck B.

“That was very awesome of you, I really appreciated it!! We have two other races this year; we will definitely remember this! Thanks again!”

Brooke M.

“Hey we got the medals in the mail today! ! ! ! They Look awesome! We had a lot of compliments! Thanks so much! The medals were a huge hit!”

Jennifer S.

“They came out great and the sponsor was absolutely thrilled with the way they came out.”

Bob H.

“They look great! I’m really surprised at the quality of the ribbon, I was really scared there for a while ordering online from somewhere far far away ☺ I think they are going to be great for our race on Saturday! Thank you very much for your help in getting these just the way I wanted them.”

Chastidy G.

“Outstanding work!”

Christian C.

“Medals look SO GREAT! Looking forward to a great event. THANK YOU for being so flexible and simple to work with.”

Mark V.

“We loved the medals and everyone else did too. Thank you so much for your great customer service!”

Heather W.

“They far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for staying with me on that first order as you have really delivered an excellent product. I fully plan on working with you for our Thanksgiving Day Run in the Fall.”

Mark S.

“Medal looks great!”

Ricky C.

“They turned out great! We were very pleased with them.”

Kerri K