Meet The Team

Who We Are

A group of art and race enthusiast. Each member of the team is dedicated to providing excellent customer experience. Find out more about us below!

Our Approach

We allow free samplings of our work to customers, providing the product you want at a great price!


We believe that a great overall experience coupled with a great product builds long-lasting and quality relationships.


Jason N.

Jay - Founder

Since competing in his first Olympic Triathlon, Jason has become hooked on race events and has since competed in numerous triathlons, marathons, and obstacle course competitions. With the creation of Runner’s High Medallions, Jason hopes to combine his passion for racing with the design of unique recognition products for you.


Vien C.

Vien - Account Executive

Vien has been a great addition to our RHM team and will be your main point of contact. Her expertise is to help you understand what you’re ordering and how to get it when you need it and for the price you want it. Vien is a tremendous client advocate and will ensure a pleasant client/partnership experience.

Thomas B.

Tom - Account Executive

Tom will be your go-to man, a representative, and advocate for your goals. He is attentive and will make sure that your end product is exactly what you want!


Loren L.

Loren - Lead Graphic Artist

Loren Law is an RHM Artist. He draws out medal designs on the computer. The art dude has you covered when it comes to standout designs.

Branden L.

Branden - Buyer/Quoter

Branden, works behind the scenes working with suppliers domestic and overseas; searching for the best products to match events or needs while also monitoring them in production and shipping. As a quality shopper he is always looking for the best bank for his buck and takes those same research approaches when looking for you.


Dary M.

Dary - Web Coordinator

Dary handles the behind the scenes tech-savvy work like maintaining the website and assisting in the marketing campaigns. Though you may not ever work with her directly, you have felt her presence in some way.